Johannus LiVE now available in the U.S.!

Published on 31 August 2016

Johannus LiVE now available in the U.S.!

One year ago, the Johannus LiVE captured the European market and along with that, the musical hearts of many European organ players.

With the introduction of the LiVE, we made the impossible possible: we offered hundreds of organ enthusiasts the experience of playing a real-life, existing pipe organ in their own living rooms. After this resounding success, it’s time to enrich American living rooms with this revolutionary organ.

The Johannus LiVE is a high-quality digital organ that comes with sample sets, allowing you to play a large number of international pipe organs. With this, we build a historic bridge between the musical experience of the classical pipe organ and your own living room.

What makes the Johannus LiVE so unique and groundbreaking? Read about it here.

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