Studio 170

Thanks to the new Studio 170, you can now enjoy a genuine and affordable Johannus-quality organ in the comfort of your own living room. The compact Studio 170 organ blends perfectly into almost any interior setting and is ideal for keen organ players and organ-loving families.

The full pedal board, 28 voices and 2 keyboards allow you to mix and match to your heart's content. The new audio system ensures beautiful tone reproduction. You can effortlessly switch between the various styles, creating an endless array of auditory opportunities.

The Studio 170 also allows you to add any conceivable acoustic effect: imagine yourself in an intimate chapel, a modern church or a cavernous old cathedral. The exquisite sound an the modern aesthetic make this genuine Johannus an amazing yet affordable instrument.

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studio 170

The Studio 170 has its own, unique character. The clean lines of the organ’s cabinet give it a modern and fresh look, while its new audio system provides a beautifully clear reproduction of the 28 pipe organ voices.

The organ is equipped with no fewer than four sample banks, each with unique voices. These enable you to choose between Romantic, Symphonic, Baroque and even Historical recordings. Switch effortlessly between the different styles to create countless combinations.

The Studio 170 uses what is known as Panning technology. This technology allows us to get closer to reproducing the pipe organ sound. The technology is used to tell the organ where the organ pipe is located.The organ has twelve pre-set reverb programs. You can therefore add all kinds of acoustics to your playing: imagine you are performing in a tiny chapel, a modern church or an ancient cathedral.


The compact Studio 170 organ fits in almost any interior and is ideal for enthusiastic organists and organ music-loving families. Its full pedal, 28 voices and two manuals enable you to create countless combinations. And the most beautiful voice combinations can easily be stored in the memory system.

Curious? Pay a visit to your local Johannus dealer to try out the Studio 170 for yourself. Its pure sound and modern look make this true Johannus a very special and affordable instrument.




Loudspeakers 5
Reverb channels 2.1
Amplifiers 2
Bass amplifier 1
Total 330 Watt


Romantic voices 28
Symphonic voices 28
Baroque voices 28
Historical voices 28


Manuals (church organ touch) 2
Bellows simulator
Organ volume (infinitely variable)
ASR-12: 12 unique reverbs (stereo 3D, infinitely variable)
Virtual Pipe Positioning (VPP™)
Digitally Equalized Audio System (DEA™)
Physiological tone control
Dynamic Chiff
PIPElife Tuning


Transposer, pitch and memory

Easy menu

Demo songs
Historical temperaments 11
Programmable toucher
Programmable MIDI


PP-P-MF-F-FF-T-PL (programmable)
0 (recall/cancel)
Generals 400


30-note raco (C-f')
30-note straight (C-f') optional
30-note concave (C-f') optional


Couplers 3
Tremulants 2
MB = Manual Bass
RO = Reeds Off

External connections

Headphones (stereo)
Aux In (stereo)
Aux Out (stereo)


Dark or light oak
Expression pedals 1


Height (with music rack) 53.5 in (136 cm)
Width 51.1 in (130 cm)
Depth (with 30-note raco pedal) 38.2 in (97 cm)

• = standard



Bourdon 16'
Principal 8'
Rohrflute 8'
Octave 4'
Open Flute 4'
Twelfth 2 2/3’
Octave 2'
Cornet IV
Mixture IV
Trumpet 8'
Swell - Great  
Midi Great


Stopped Flute 8'
Viola di Gamba 8'
Vox Celeste 8'
Principal 4'
Koppel Flute 4'
Flute Twelfth 2 2/3’
Waldflute 2'
Tierce 1 3/5’
Scharff III
Fagotto 16'
Oboe 8'
Midi Swell  


Principal 16'
Subbass 16'
Octavebass 8'
Gedackt 8'
Choralbass 4'
Contra Trumpet 16'
Trumpet 8'
Great - Pedal  
Swell - Pedal  
Manual Bass  
Midi Pedal