2 Monarke organs for the Bygstad Kyrkje, Norway

The present church in Bygstad was originally set on the farm Bygstad, where it had previously been a stave church from the 1200s.

Architects were H.D.F. von Linstow and K.W. Esswendrop. Bygstad church was built in 1845, and much of the materials and concave from the old church was used up again. 

Last year the church decided to invest in two Monarke Präludium organs. One organ is mainly used for congregational accompaniment and the other organ is used as choir and concert organ.

The natural quality of the sound of a Monarke organ is based on years of research and development - years of in-depth study of the most effective recording and reproduction techniques, acoustic possibilities, tuning and choice of style. This led to the creation of a unique new organ that is clearly on par with a pipe organ.