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Perfectly attuned to the choral singing

The Ecclesia Choir is a subtle and elegant instrument. With this organ song and accompaniment blend beautifully right up into the cathedral rafters. And as we at Johannus know all too well, pure harmony is every choral organist’s private wish. With two manuals, 26 voices and full pedalboard, the Ecclesia Choir simply does what it’s intended to: accompany choral singing. It’s modest if it has to be, exuberant when necessary.



26 stops

12 unique reverbs

2 manuals

4.1 audio system





Cathedral acoustics at the player’s fingertips

The Ecclesia Choir is equipped with what we call the ASR-12™ system. This technique provides the organist with a choice of twelve unique reverbs. The faithfully created reverberation creates the impression that all cathedral acoustics are within reach, and that is actually the case. Nothing more and nothing less.

One Choir, twelve organs

When purchasing an Ecclesia Choir, the organist has a choice of three different stoplists. While playing the organ, they can also choose from among four different sample styles. The Romantic style evokes the vocal music of Hendrik Andriessen, the Baroque mood elevates the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach, in the symphonic mood the oratorios of Camille Saint-Saëns flourish, and the historical style breathes new life into 17th-century music. In fact, with the Ecclesia Choir, the organist has 12 organs at their disposal.

Real Time Sampling almost eliminates the difference with the pipe organ

The authentic sounds of various pipe organs have been digitally recorded and reproduced in the Ecclesia Choir, so that it features famous pipe organ sounds.

Saving and programming

With 250 memory banks across eight memory slots, the organist can store the registrations of virtually their entire musical oeuvre. All of the Ecclesia Choir expression pedals can be configured as swell pedals or as a general crescendo.

The Ecclesia Choir interacts with its surroundings

Whether the Ecclesia Choir is to be installed in a small, upholstered theater or a cathedral with lots of marble makes a huge difference. A certified Johannus tuner therefore analyses the space at dozens of points. During the installation of the instrument, the tuner adjusts the organ to optimize the interaction between the organ’s sound, reverb and power and the acoustics of the space.

The design can be customized to suit the venue

The Ecclesia Choir only really comes into its own as an instrument once it perfectly suits its surroundings. This applies not only to its sound, tone and reverb, but equally to its design. A number of the Ecclesia Choir design components can therefore be tailored to suit specific spaces. This can include elements such as the colour or wood used for the instrument, the choice between a straight, concave, RACO or AGO pedalboard, and a number of options for the desired manual layout.

The dream: to make the pipe organ accessible to all

Every day, our engineers, audio specialists, developers and organ enthusiasts work to create even smarter, faster and better technology. Our guiding principle is our respect for the pipe organ, and our dream is to make the pipe organ accessible to all.

Ecclesia Choir parts in stock for at least 25 years

Upon purchasing an Ecclesia Choir, the new owner receives a two-year full warranty and up to a ten-year warranty on the computer boards in the organ. Johannus will keep parts for the Ecclesia series in stock for at least 25 years, emphasizing our lasting relationship with organists worldwide. To keep the instrument in good condition, we also offer a range of maintenance subscriptions.

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Magnificent interpretation of the entire sound spectrum

35 stops

12 unique reverbs

2 manuals

6.1 audio system


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