Positive 250

The Positive occupies an important place in the rich history of the pipe organ. Originally used to provide accompaniment, it began as a relatively simple and fairly common instrument, but it has undergone considerable development over time.

Johannus has continued in this spirit, bringing the Positive into the digital age while remaining rooted in its historical tradition. The result? A well-balanced, high-quality instrument that is perfectly suited to intimate churches and chapels or even your own home; a versatile instrument, offering a virtually limitless range of sounds due to its design, which combines pipe voices with the characteristic sounds of French, German and Dutch pipe organs with its own unique sound radiation design. The experience is overwhelming.

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Craftsmanship and design

In collaboration with one of the country’s leading designers, we have created a look for the Positive that honors its heritage but which displays a bold contemporary signature. The result is a robust instrument built in limited series by true craftsmen with a love for their craft. We use solid wooden elements, finished in exacting detail. Plus, we offer a wide selection of ornamental elements to allow you to customize your organ to perfectly complement your interior.



Unique sound distribution

In an effort to capture the omnidirectional effect of natural pipe sound, the sound is directed upwards and to the rear, allowing the sound to mix in the room before reaching the ears of the listener.



True-to-life sound environment

Surround-sound speakers are employed in a multi-channel design to create an exceptionally broad sound image. Johannus’ expertise in this field has made it an industry leader for many years, and the high quality speakers provide a true-to-life reproduction of every sound - from the sparkling highs to the deepest bass.



Twelve authentic buildings in one organ

The highly-advanced LIVEreverb™ reverberation system adds the reverberations and acoustics of no fewer than twelve famous churches and concert halls to your repertoire.

One minute you could be playing in the cosy St Salvius church in Limbricht, filling it with baroque chamber music, and the next in a large church with warm acoustic tones in La Grand-Combe in Southern France. Imagine you are in the Old Church in Amsterdam, where Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck succeeded his father at the age of 15 and was organist for 44 years. Or select the rolling sound created by the authentic vaulted ceiling of the Bovenkerk in Kampen, old Bonn Cathedral or the Raalte Basilica. Never before has reverberation been so authentic!


Select your own ambiance

Now you can even choose your own position in relation to the organ. Do you love the beautiful, full-bodied sound you experience as a member of the audience in the middle of a church? Or do you prefer the direct sound you hear as the organist when very close to the organ pipes? The Adaptive Ambiance System™ allows you to select the ambiance to suit your personal taste.



Four organs in one

Johannus Positives offer you the choice of four different sample collections, each with their own unique sound world: Romantic, Baroque, Symphonic and a separate collection of Historic recordings.



Inspiration and options

We are very proud of our new Positive, an impressive instrument with a lot of character and a valuable addition to our organ family. However, you know better than anyone else that you can only properly judge an instrument after you have played on it yourself. We therefore cordially invite you to come test one in one of our showrooms. We can also show you the options available to help you customize your organ according to your own needs.





Loudspeakers (incl. 4 surround-loudspeakers) 13
Tweeters (infinitely variable) 2
Reverb channels 4.1
Amplifiers 6
Bass amplifier 1
Total 654 Watt


You can choose out of 3 dispositions: English-German-French
Romantic voices 41
Symphonic voices 41
Baroque voices 41
Historical voices 41


Total number of intonations 12


Manuals (church organ touch): 5 octaves (C-c””) 2
Bellows Simulator™
Organ volume (infinitely variable)
LIVEreverb™, 12 lifelike reverbs
Adaptive Ambiance System™
All organ voices C-C#
Physiological expression pedals
PEPC™, programmable expression pedal configuration
General Crescendo
Dynamic Chiff


Memory, Transposer, Tune, Temperaments, Ambiance, Crescendo, Swell indicators

Easy Menu

Demo songs

Historical temperaments

Programmable toucher
Programmable MIDI


PP-P-MF-F-FF-T (programmable)
0 (recall/cancel)
Generals 600


Couplers 3
Tremulants 2
Keyboard transfer -
S/S (General Swell function)
MB = Manual Bass
CF = Cantus Firmus
RO = Reeds Off
SEQ -/+
Toe studs optional

External connections

Headphones (stereo, 64 Ohm)
Aux In (stereo)
Aux Out (stereo)


Light oak
Other kind of wood or colours optional
Wooden expression pedals
Lighted music desk
Lighted pedal board
Design bench


30-note straight (C-f’)
30-note concave (C-f’) optional
30-note raco (C-f’) optional


Height 181 cm
Width 154 cm
Depth (including 30-note pedal) 101 cm

* = standard






Principal 16'
Subbass 16'
Contra Violon 16'
Hohlquinte 10 2/3'
Octave 8'
Gedackt 8'
Violon 8'
Choralbass 4'
Rauschpfeife IV
Contra Trumpet 16'
Trumpet 8'
Clarion 4'
Great - Pedal
Swell - Pedal


Principal 16'
Principal 8'
Flûte Harmonique 8'
Stopped Flute 8'
Gamba 8'
Octave 4'
Open Flute 4'
Twelfth 2 2/3'
Super Octave 2'
Cornet IV
Mixture V
Trumpet 16'
Trumpet 8'
Vox Humana 8'
Swell - Great


Bourdon 16'
Principal 8'
Rohrflute 8'
Viola di Gamba 8'
Vox Celeste 8'
Octave 4'
Koppelflute 4'
Flute Twelfth 2 2/3'
Waldflute 2'
Nazard 1 1/3'
Sesquialtera II
Scharff III
Fagotto 16'
Cromorne 8'
Oboe 8'