The Johannus ONE is a single-manual organ keyboard. It comes with five organs, 80 stops and the world-famous Johannus sound.



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The organ keyboard that fits in anywhere it goes

The Johannus ONE is a single-manual organ keyboard. It comes with five organs, 80 stops and the world-famous Johannus sound.



5 organs in one keyboard

16 stop tabs

80 stops

authentic pipe organ sounds


The Johannus ONE is an organ first and keyboard second

The single-manual Johannus ONE has been conceived and developed from the perspective of the organist. This means that the instrument is an organ at heart, with stop tabs, touch sensitive keys and authentic pipe organ sounds, all in one handy keyboard.

The divisible manual makes the Johannus ONE a complete organ

The Johannus ONE consists physically of a single keyboard, but the manual is easy to divide into two keyboards and a pedal board. Manual 1 is located to the right of the central C, and manual 2 to the left of the central C. This makes the Johannus ONE a complete organ.

Eighty organ stops divided among 16 stop tabs

Each of the stop tabs on the Johannus ONE represents 16 stops in total. This brings the stoplist to a total of 80 organ stops. Above each of the sixteen stop tabs are listed the names of four other stops. The registered stop depends on the chosen style: American, English, French, German or the integrated stoplist. For example, in the standard stoplist, the Viola di Gamba 8’ is a Salicional 8’ in the French style, and an integrated Flute 4’ is a Twelfth 2 2/3’ in the German style.

Two extra styles enable infinite combinations

Those who simply can’t get enough of the Johannus ONE can expand the five integrated organ styles with two extra styles: American Strings and Neobarok. This increases the number of stops from 80 to an incredible 112, in addition to the many orchestral stops that the organ keyboard already boasts, enabling infinite combinations. You can download the styles free of charge from

Why choose the Johannus ONE?

The Johannus ONE is the musical solution to the increasing demand for a portable digital organ. It offers five advantages:

  • Compact. A Johannus ONE fits into even the smallest of living rooms.
  • Mobile. Ideal for musicians who rehearse with choirs in different locations, for example.
  • Complete. The Johannus ONE comes with 80 organ stops and a comprehensive package of solo and orchestral stops.
  • Authentic. This is the only keyboard in the world with the high-quality, genuine Johannus sound.
  • Stylish. Great care has been taken in designing the Johannus ONE.

Endless playback

A user-friendly recording function makes it simple to record your own playing on the Johannus ONE. You can listen to the recordings as often as you like. It’s also possible to play over an existing recording, so you can build up a composition, layer by layer.

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