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Comprehensive options with a three-manual positive

The high-quality 2.1 audio system of the Studio P-350 transmits the world-famous Johannus sound directly to the organist's ears, giving them the intense feeling of playing an actual pipe organ. The tall console and 47 illuminated drawknobs (37 stops) complete the effect, giving the organist the impression of playing in a church or cathedral rather than in their own, familiar living room.



37 stops

12 unique reverbs

3 manuals

2.1 audio system

Every tone is pure and authentic

Thanks to our ingenious in-house technology, the difference between the digital organ and the pipe organ is barely perceptible in the Studio P-350. This is primarily to do with the high-quality sound that Johannus seeks to perfect every day. Even connoisseurs can’t distinguish authentic pipe organ sounds from the sounds of our digital organs. The purity and authenticity of the sound can be heard in every tone, thanks in part to new technology we have developed ourselves.

Four different styles bring the 37 stops to life

The Studio P-350 features 37 stops. However, the variation options are much more extensive. For example, each stop can be played in four different styles. In the romantic style, the Rohrflute 8’ sounds really quite different to when it’s played in the historic style. Those playing Bach might like to opt for the Baroque style, while the symphonic style better suits compositions by Widor.

Twelve reverb programs add extensive acoustic options

The Studio P-350 has 12 unique reverb programs enabling the addition of every conceivable acoustic option to the playing of the organ. One moment the organist can imagine themselves playing in a rustic little chapel, the next sitting at the organ in a historic cathedral. With a choice of four different sample styles and 12 reverb programs, the Studio P-350 brings a whole range of pipe organs and venues into your living room.

The Studio 350 will be right at home in the 21st century living room

The contemporary design of the Studio P-350 positive console is sleek and compact. The organ will be right at home in the 21st century living room. The Studio P-350 is available in four attractive colours: Light Riverside, Black North Wood, Nautilus Teak and Wengé. The fresh, modern design of the positive console makes it suitable for every interior. Because it occupies so little space, the organ will be just as much at home in smaller living rooms.






See and hear the Studio P-350

If one image is worth a thousand words, how much more eloquent will sound be? View and hear a recording of the Studio here.

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44 stops

12 unique reverbs

3 manuals

2.1 audio system


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