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Johannus Classic 350, what an upgrade!

Johannus Classic 350, what an upgrade!

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Posted on 18 June 2017 by Klaus Lytzhøft

Being totally hooked on the Johannus Studio 150 since I started playing the organ in general in October 2015 and not least fond by the natural sounds produced by this instrument, I wanted to take my musical experience, not to forget my joy by merely playing to the next level. This happened in December 2016 where I got my new Johannus Classic 350 delievered. Except for the kind of wood of the cabinet and the concave pedals it is quite standard. I spent a whole day in the showroom at the plant in Ede, Holland trying out all the different instruments and ended up with the Classic 350 for several reasons. It has an almost unbeatable sound, and it has elegant and suitable proportions for the room, where it is placed together with an upright piano and other furniture. Not least I could afford it! I am definately not a professional musician ( in fact I earn my living as a doctor of dental surgery) but I take great joy in playing and at the moment I am far from having dug into all the breathtaking registration possibilities of the Classic 350, but it has for sure enriched my life in a way that I only dreamt of due to the possibility to produce sounds that touch you and leave you influenced in some not neglectable way. But I have to mention, that If I had started out with this organ, I am not sure that I would have had the same joy, since the Studio 150 is much easier to make sound as if you are really good. On the Classic 350 you have to have earned the stripes on your shoulders, before it sounds good. This is not the instrument for the beginner. I would recommend that if you are a beginner you should find a dealer who would be willing to pay you back all your money for your first organ if you upgrade within the first year, as I did, and then move upwards, if you like. But now I do not have time for writing anymore. The organ is calling me back . I must play.

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