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Which organ is best for you?

Your choice of organ is a personal one, and one that we can help you with using our specially developed recommendation tool. Whether you practice seriously or simply wish to enjoy playing, Johannus has the right organ for you.

What kind of options do you prefer in the compilation of your organ?

1. Number of keyboards

Select your desired number of keyboards

2. Number of voices

Select your desired number of voices

3. Your budget

Select your budget

4. Organ stops

5. Wood samples

If you have a specific colour preference, please indicate it below.

  • Light Oak

    Light Oak

  • Creamy White

    Creamy White

  • Classic Walnut

    Classic Walnut

  • Plain Natural Effect

    Plain Natural Effect

  • Clay


  • Medium Oak

    Medium Oak

  • Dark Oak

    Dark Oak

  • Black