HQT Keyboards

Johannus offers high-quality “tracker touch” keyboards for most models as an upgrade.

These HQT keyboards are very high quality and a pleasure to play. The metal key frame provides a very solid feel and virtually noiseless action.

Special care has been given to the color of the keyboard to appear as genuine ivory providing a classical and comfortable look and feel.

The HQT keyboards can be obtained in different finishes:

Synthetic (standard)
Synthetic with a wooden core
Wood covering with a wooden core

UHT Keyboards

UHT enjoys worldwide recognition for the quality and diversity of their wooden keyboards. Johannus is pleased to offer a wide range of coverings and key shapes which can be in a contemporary or period style.

Musicians are able to individualize their organ keyboards; each keyboard can be customised by specifying parameters such as key dimensions, pressure point strength and position, stroke depth, playing weight, and contact point. The pressure point and contact system is completely wear free.

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