MIDI Sequencer +

The new Johannus MIDI Sequencer+ with playback function for preludes and hymns distinguishes itself by its incredible ease of operation.

The Johannus MIDI Sequencer+ offers a function that ensures that you can play intros, preludes and hymns in the simplest way as well as offering the normal recording and playback options of MIDI files. You can, thus, easily have the organ play … even when an organist is not available.

SD card

The Johannus MIDI Sequencer+ uses an SD card to store the MIDI files. Your own recordings are saved directly on the SD card. This ensures that a large quantity of musical pieces can be saved depending on the size of the SD card. The 4 GB SD card that is supplied as standard with the Johannus MIDI Sequencer+ can, for example, hold up to 10,000 MIDI files. The recorded MIDI files are accessible through your PC. MIDI files can also be easily edited from your PC after they have been recorded.


Johannus MIDI Sequencer + : version 2.10 is available now.

download the 2.10 firmware upgrade here

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