Firmware upgrade - MIDI Sequencer +

MIDI Sequencer+ Firmware upgrade version 2.10

The new version now supports SDHC (SD High Capacity) cards. The upgrade also includes some bugfixes and performance improvements. It is strongly recommended to upgrade to this new version, also if you do not use SDHC cards.

Installation instructions


download upgrade

Step 1.

Unzip the ZIP file on to your computer.

Step 2.

Copy the FIRMWARE.BIN file on to the main directory of your SD card.

Step 3.

Put the SD card in the MIDI Sequencer +.

Step 4.

Switch on the MIDI Sequencer +.

Step 5.

Go to 'Menu'.

Step 6.

Select 'System Menu'.

Step 7.

Select 'Update Firmware' and confirm the update (Yes).

Step 8.

You will automatically return to the main screen after the installation has finished.