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St. Barbara Monarke console

St. Barbara Monarke console

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Posted on 07 March 2017 by Eva Mrgan

My church has purchased a Monarke organ two years ago and I am so pleased beyond words. I have only liked playing on an authentic pipe organ but ours was beyond repair and the cost was astronomical. A friend of mine introduced me to Johannus a few years ago and I played on the Opus and simply fell in love so when my church was in the market for a new organ I only wanted a Johannus. We purchased the Monarke and I have never been happier. The sound is astounding and the solo stops are so pleasing to hear. The authenticity sound of this organ to a pipe organ is remarkable. When other organists ask my advice on purchasing a new organ I immediately say Johannus. Thank you for building a truly beautiful sounding organ.

Model: Monarke III Chicago

A dream come true.

A dream come true.

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Posted on 28 September 2015 by John Zeck

The year was 1944 and I started piano lessons with the nuns. In 1947 my teacher introduced me to the big 3 manual pipe organ. From then on I knew that some day I would own a big organ. I started with a Hammond spinet and worked my way up with several brands. The only dealer left in downtown minneapolis sold Allens. One day I walked into their store and heard an organ that sounded nothing like an Allen. I walked into the showroom and there sat my friend Gerrit Lamain playing a 3 manual digital organ. It was a Johannus made specifially for Schmitt Music, the name of the store. I bought that organ along with a clavinova and few months later traded both of those instruments for the Johannus Rembrandt R3000 with 8 speakers. This was in my living room of my condo. A few years later I had a stroke and couldn't play too well, so I sent the organ to a friend in the state of washington. If i was able to purchase another organ it would be a Vivaldi 370-self-contained. When I win the lottery I'll call gerrit and order one.

Model: Rembrandt Minneapolis, MN