Musical contribution - January 2020

(LiVE Sampleset: Paris, Cavaillé-Coll)
Offertory Edouard Batiste (1820-1876)
First of all, we wish you well in all things for 2020 – your health, work, home life, and your music too! We’re looking forward to getting in touch with you every month through the Musical Contribution.
It’s wonderful to see that the number of readers continues to grow, and that organists from around the world are finding their way to the website each month. It’s also lovely to read your responses and to hear about what some of the compositions have meant for you, or for churchgoers/concert audiences.
We’re starting off the year 2020 with a composition by an organist who was born exactly 200 years ago.
We featured another composition by him in 2015, and back then we wrote:
Born in Paris on March 28th, 1820, the composer Édouard Batiste studied at the city’s Imperial Conservatory of Music as a teenage prodigy, winning prizes in solfège, harmony and counterpoint, accompaniment, and organ. At the age of twenty, he was presented with the prestigious Prix de Rome award. After serving as an organist at Paris’s Saint-Nicolas-des-Champs Church, at the age of 34, he became the titulaire (chief organist) at the city’s Church of St Eustache. Along with his contemporary Louis James Alfred Lefébure-Wely, Batiste was among the most celebrated organists of his day. Many of his compositions – his musical legacy includes more than 200 pieces for organ alone – are noted for their keen sense of the dramatic. 
I received a version of the “Offertory” (music played during the offering – in this case, the collection) that did not include a pedal part. I have taken the liberty of adding this myself, based on notes. 
The following are some comments with respect to registration:
-ff = full organ
-recit = third keyboard with reeds
-bar 18 = leading stop (trumpet / cornet)
-bar 31 = labials only 
-bar 39 = with a soft reed
-bar 50 = full organ
-bar 71 = leading stop
-bar 83 = labials only
-bar 91 = grandly
-bar 97 = full organ
A festive start to the new year! It’s wonderful to be able to continue giving our musical gift to each other.
André van Vliet

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