A beautiful installation: First Presbyterian Church of Logan, Utah

Published on 05 March 2018

A beautiful installation: First Presbyterian Church of Logan, Utah

We would like to congratulate First Presbyterian Church of Logan, Utah on their new custom Monarke Hybrid organ.

Johannus Hybrid Organ Solutions provided the ideal solution to the all-too-common problem of an aging, insufficient pipe organ without the room or resources for expansion. The result is an appealing combination of beauty and technical excellence tailored specifically to meet the needs of First Presbyterian Church of Logan.

“When it came time to choose a company to restore this historic instrument, (1960‘s Wicks) there was no doubt that we would go with Johannus. The depth and range of sound are second to none and with our particular needs of a hybrid instrument we knew no one else could provide that for us. The instrument has a wide variety of tonal colors as well as the dynamic range of an organ 3 or 4 times its size. As such, it has the capacity to loudly proclaim the words of an anthem, while whispering the tiniest hint of a communion accompaniment. Everything from Baroque to Contemporary music fits well on the organ. Our sales and service people knew exactly what we were looking for and carried it out with the highest degree of professionalism. Because of our experience here at First Presbyterian, Johannus will continue to be my choice in the years to come.”

Brandon Clayton, organist, First Presbyterian Church of Logan.

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