For the price of a LiVE 2T-A, you can now buy a LiVE 3T-A

Published on 04 November 2022

For the price of a LiVE 2T-A, you can now buy a LiVE 3T-A

Until December 31, 2022, you can buy a Johannus LiVE 3T-A for the price of a LiVE 2T-A. This way, you get an extra manual and enjoy a disposition with no less than 52 stops.


3 manuals

52 tab stops

6.1 audio system

Up to 5 sample sets directly accessible


Johannus LiVE brings world-famous pipe organs within reach

Experience the majestic Vater-Müller organ of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, the Netherlands or the Silbermann organ of the Katholische Hofkirche in Dresden, Germany. Or perhaps you prefer the English sound of the Hill & Sons organ of the Holy Name Church in Manchester, England - or one of the many other pipe organs we've sampled. Enjoy them whenever you want. From the comfort of your own living room.

Discover the LiVE 3T(-A)


Superb reproduction of pipe organ sounds

Our audio specialists fly around the world to create true-to-life recordings of famous pipe organs. They use high-quality recording equipment for this. All organs are recorded pipe by pipe, key by key. The LiVE 3T-A's balanced 6.1 audio system brings those original pipe organ sounds to life in your living room.





Experience it yourself

Do you want to experience the LiVE 3T-A and determine which sample sets you like best? Get in touch with your local Johannus dealer or visit