The most popular Johannus organ

The Opus is a familiar face in the Johannus family. The impressive history of the Opus extends back to sometime in the last century: to the start of the 1970s, when the Opus came onto the market as the first Johannus living room organ. Since then, countless organists have grown up with this organ and “the Opus” has become a veritable household name among organ enthusiasts. Not surprisingly, the Opus has been Johannus' bestselling organ for many years.

Op u s

Advanced OranjeCore technology

The Opus 277 comes with two manuals, 36 stops, orchestral voices (Trumpet and Pan flute), a 32-note pedalboard and three swell shoes. The organ is based on Johannus' advanced OranjeCore technology.

Cocooned in warm organ sounds

In order to convey the sound of authentic pipe organs as cleanly and realistically as possible, the Opus 277 comes equipped with a top-quality 2.1 audio system. The various stops and pitches are impeccably and faithfully distributed across the speakers, cocooning the organist in the warm sounds of the organ. Just like an authentic pipe organ!

An organ that breathes

The Opus 277 incorporate a wide range of advanced technologies. For example, the Virtual Pipe Positioning system simulates the actual location of the pipes in the pipe front, and the wind model developed in-house by Johannus provides a realistic representation of the organ’s wind supply. This means that the pitch fluctuates very subtly when a number of keys are pressed simultaneously. In turn, this creates the impression that the organ is breathing, that it’s alive.

The four organ styles offer plenty of options

The Opus 277 features four different organ styles: Historic, Baroque, Symphonic and Romantic. These options allow the organist to play compositions from various eras in their original style. For example, the Baroque style produces bright Principals and Flutes, while with the Romantic style, a mighty Tutti rumbles through the room.

The Opus 277 contains high-quality recordings of leading pipe organs

The sound engineers at Johannus use the Harmonic Contour Sampling method to give the Opus 277 its beautiful sounds. First of all, they make high-quality recordings of leading pipe organs. They then select the best-sounding pipes from an organ stop and use these to form the foundation for the entire organ stop. With every key, the organist can therefore enjoy the exquisite sound quality of these impressive pipe organs.

The Opus 277 responds to the performer at lightning speed

Because the Johannus R&D department is responsible for developing all of the technologies used in the Opus 277, these technologies are perfectly attuned to each other. This ensures that the organ responds rapidly and consistently to what the performer asks of it. At the merest touch of the keys, the authentic sound of a pipe organ resonates through the room. Just as it should.

The sensation of church, chapel and cathedral

Organists who wish to play the Opus 277 with headphones on can enjoy their playing to the fullest thanks to the integrated SSE™ (Spatial Sound Experience) technology. The clever application of the reverb creates the sensation that the organist is standing in a church, chapel or cathedral, right before the pipe front.

Available in no fewer than six colors

The Opus 277 is stylishly designed, and the comfort of the organist has also been taken into consideration. For example, the subtle cut-out under the keyboards provides extra freedom of movement and a better view of the playing of the pedalboard. The illuminated stop tabs are within easy reach and provide a quick, clear display of the current registration. The Opus 277 is available in no fewer than six colors.

See and hear the Opus 277

If one image is worth a thousand words, how much more eloquent will sound be? View and hear a recording of the Opus 277 here.

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