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Johannus: O melhor órgão do Mundo

Johannus: O melhor órgão do Mundo

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Posted on 29 June 2017 by Luiz Felipe Kuhnen

Realmente o melhor órgão do mundo. Já tive cinco marca de órgão, mas nunca vi algo que se assemelhasse a Johannus, tanto pelo material de que é feito os órgãos, a facilidade para tocar, as teclas, mas sobretudo o som do órgão. Mostrando uma gravação de um órgão de tubos e outra de um órgão Johannus, não se percebe a diferença. Parabéns a Johannus, e muito obrigado por me dar esta oportunidade de ter este órgão insuperável...

Model: ONE Mairporã

Johannus ... The king of instruments in the privacy of your home

Johannus ... The king of instruments in the privacy of your home

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Posted on 30 September 2015 by Luis S. Campos Rademacher

Through many years I have listened so many different organs... So, in my personal opinion I can say that I'm sure the Johannus organs have the best and most wide range of sounds and shades. My current Johannus Vivaldi 37 is magnificent and in a few words I can sum up my pleasure to have it: He is an authentic musical treasure in my house. I sincerely invite everyone to know more about this extraordinary Johannus organ. Luis S. Campos Rademacher, Chile.

Model: Vivaldi San Bernardo

I'm proud of this beautiful organ

I'm proud of this beautiful organ

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Posted on 24 September 2015 by James Ato Scott Benin

Mfantsipim Senior High School has always had music as an important subject and trained a lot of good organists. This year we bought a beautiful hybrid organ with 2 ranks of pipes. The sound of this organ is just fantastic. It is amazing. Everybody likes the organ here.

Model: Hybrid Organ Solutions Accra