With an eye on today’s and tomorrow’s world

Johannus is firmly grounded in the real world. And in society.



Organ lovers in more than 80 countries choose for a Johannus. We are delighted to take the responsibilities that this presents. Every small improvement in our organs - in energy consumption or environmental pollution, for example - is an immediate global improvement.

Recently we have implemented various important advancements.

  • We found a new type of amplifier that consumes much less energy when you play the organ. This amplifier also surpasses its predecessors as far as volume is concerned.

  • We use a water-based varnish for the finish of our organ casings. Much better for the environment. And who would have thought? The varnish is even stronger!

  • Every detail counts at Johannus. We used to make an organ’s interior wood black. Typical Johannus quality. But we realised that the less varnish we use, the better it is. Better for the environment, and more efficient. That’s why from now on you’ll just see wood on the inside (should you take a look). And to be honest: it looks surprisingly good too.

  • Of course we satisfy all statutory guidelines such as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). We haven’t used lead in our organ production for a long time.

  • Johannus uses energy-efficient lighting. As a result, we consume 52% less energy.

  • Almost half of our company cars is electric. We decided on the Mitsubishi Outlander.


As organisation, we are delighted to offer financial support to good causes. And because we prefer to give substantial amounts to a few organisations than to give many causes a small amount, we have made clear choices. In the coming years we will be sponsoring four good causes:

  • Stichting Vox Humana. This foundation seeks to promote Dutch organ and choral culture.

  • Young, talented organists. We will be delighted to see these talented youth develop further.

  • Tear Wereldzaken. By supporting Tear Wereldzaken we are supporting aid and development projects of Christian organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin-America.

  • Bible League. This foundation works to disseminate the Bible throughout the world.