Rich or poor, European or African, hobbyist or professional: everyone should be able to play an organ

For over 50 years we have been making the authentic pipe organ sound accessible to everyone.

The founder of Johannus, Hans Versteegt, believed that the pipe organ should be accessible to everyone. Not just for the wealthy or people with the right contacts on the church board, but for everyone. This vision has been an important principle for Johannus since Sept. 19, 1968.

A family business with a passion

We are passionate organ builders. This passion is passed down from father to son, and this is how Johannus became a family business. We are united in our passion for organ music. Johannus employs people who share this passion: lovers of organ music, audio specialists, musicians, technicians. We pursue our mission together every day: to make the organ accessible to all.

Vrachtwagen van Johannus levert orgel aan kerk

An important role on the world stage

Since the 1960s, we have played an important role as a family business on the world stage for the ‘king of instruments’. And we will continue to do so. With our instruments’ authentic pipe organ sound, we will carry on capturing the heart of organists around the world.

Our living room and church organs are shipped around the world every day

Time and again, Johannus manages to translate an age-old phenomenon to the present day. Our living room and church organs are shipped around the world every day to hobbyists and professional organists, to churches, cathedrals, concert halls and living rooms across more than 100 countries.

Continuous drive for innovation

As a global leader in the organ field, we have felt the pressure to perform every day for over fifty years. We are proud that our constant drive for innovation has allowed us to maintain our leading position in Europe for half a century.

Kantoor van Johannus In Ede

Housed in an extraordinary neoclassical building

Johannus is housed in an extraordinary neoclassical building on Keplerlaan in Ede, in the heart of the Netherlands. It’s an inspiring environment in which the DNA of the family business is carefully preserved: inspired designers, musicians, technical and audio specialists and organists work here every day to develop and build Johannus organs.

The Johannus Family

Johannus has a loyal following of customers, employees, organ enthusiasts, dealers and other interested parties. Because the Johannus organ holds a special place in their lives for them, we regularly organize events. These include the Feike Asma Competition, summer evening concerts, Christmas concerts and open days. During these events, there is plenty of opportunity to spend time together as a Johannus Family.

International icons connect with Johannus

Over the years, there have always been famous organists who wanted to commit themselves to Johannus because they were impressed by the sound of our organs. In addition to Feike Asma, these include and included Klaas Jan Mulder, André van Vliet, Joseph Nolan, Ian Tracey, Pierre Pincemaille and Rolf Henry Kunz.

Feike Asma and Johannus

When Feike Asma walked into a church in Loosdrecht one day where Johannus was installing an organ, he was very impressed by the instrument. He was closely associated with us until his death in 1984. The Feike Asma Competition, which still takes place every year, and the Feike Asma Concert Hall in the Johannus building, were named after him because of his great significance to the organization.

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