Johannus Orgelbouw receives daily requests to sponsor events, associations or activities. Regardless of how worthy the goals are, regrettably we cannot honour all such requests. This is why we have selected a number of cultural and social events in the Netherlands and abroad that we support for more lengthy periods. This way we avoid splitting up the funds that we set aside for sponsoring over many small projects.


In the Netherlands we sponsor the Vox Humana Foundation, whose purpose is to promote the culture of organ-playing and community singing. In addition, we sponsor a number of very talented, young organists..


We sponsor the Tear Wereldzaken. Tear brings people together in the fight against poverty. By sponsoring them, we support the aid and development projects of local Christian organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


We also support the Bible League, a foundation for the worldwide distribution of the Bible. The Bible League strives to achieve stronger bonds among Christians in the Netherlands in order to get them more involved in spreading God's Word throughout the world. The calling of the Bible League is to spread God's Word throughout the world and via the Holy Spirit to bring people in fellowship with Christ and His church.