Ecclesia T-170

The Ecclesia T-170 is based on our own OranjeCore technology and sings through the church like a true pipe organ.

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Discover the Ecclesia T-170

Cathedral acoustics at the player’s fingertips

The Ecclesia T-170 is equipped with what we call the ASR-12™ system. This technique provides the organist with a choice of twelve unique reverbs. The faithfully created reverberation creates the impression that all cathedral acoustics are within reach, and that is actually the case. Nothing more and nothing less.

With the Ecclesia T-170, the organist enjoys a phenomenal sound quality and fantastic carrying capacity

The two-manual T-170 is controlled by the in-house developed OranjeCore technology. It certainly is a true Johannus organ. The configuration of this church organ ensures optimum renditions of both bright mixtures and rolling 16’ Subbass. In addition, the external loudspeaker front with integrated subwoofer guarantees a solid foundation for each of its 26 voices, easily operated using illuminated tabs. Take a seat on the organ bench, close your eyes, poise your feet on the pedal board, touch the keys and feel how the first chord sings through the church like a true pipe organ sound.

The Ecclesia T-170 interacts with its surroundings

Whether the Ecclesia T-170 is to be installed in a small, upholstered theater or a cathedral with lots of marble makes a huge difference. During the installation of the instrument, a certified voicer adjusts the organ to optimize the interaction between the organ’s sound, reverb and power and the acoustics of the space.

The design can be customized to suit the venue

The Ecclesia T-170 only really comes into its own as an instrument once it perfectly suits its surroundings. This applies not only to its sound, tone and reverb, but equally to its design. A number of the Ecclesia T-170 design components can therefore be tailored to suit specific spaces. For example, you can choose a color that matches the interior of your church, upgrade the keyboards, and expand your organ with brass toe studs.

The dream: to make the pipe organ accessible to all

Every day, our engineers, audio specialists, developers and organ enthusiasts work to create even smarter, faster and better technology. Our guiding principle is our respect for the pipe organ, and our dream is to make the pipe organ accessible to all.

Johannus offers not only top quality, but reliability and certainty too

Customer satisfaction is a vital pillar when it comes to our ambitions. For more than fifty years, we have embodied this by offering top quality, reliability and certainty. That’s why, in addition to our standard warranty, we also provide an additional warranty on all of the computer boards in the organ. Naturally, you can expect that we will keep essential organ parts in stock for the years to come, underscoring our lasting relationship with organists around the world.

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