A classic in modern style

With its unique sound, superb resonance and varied stoplist, the Vivaldi makes a lavish salute to the pipe organ. Holding a home concert has never been so easy.

Enjoy the most beautiful organ sounds at home

The Vivaldi series has been built specifically to enable players to enjoy the beautiful sounds of the organ in their own homes. The series comprises the Vivaldi 270 and Vivaldi 370.


  • 2 models: 270 and 370
  • 42 or 60 stops
  • 4 different organ styles
  • high-quality tweeters
  • Real Time Sampling
Vi val di

Perform concerts in your own living room

The Vivaldi models are the undisputed jewels in the Johannus collection, thanks to the comprehensive options they offer for organists who wish to do more than just learn.
Organists who wish to perform in their own living rooms will find their perfect match in the Vivaldi 270 or 370. Features such as the richly diverse stoplist and the incomparable audio system ensure that sooner or later, every player will fall in love with this organ.

Vivaldi: twelve unique organs in one

With options including American Classic, Symphonic, Baroque and Historic organ styles, the player can refine the registration to precisely achieve the atmosphere they will in their playing. And as if that weren’t already enough, there are also three variations available per style. In other words, with the Vivaldi, the organist has access to twelve unique organs in one.

As if all the stops speak personally to the organist

From the powerful 32’ Contra Violone in the pedal board to the clear Mixture in the Great division and the rustling Nazard in the Choir, it is as if the all of the stops in the Vivaldi converse personally with the organist. And actually, they rather do. The high-quality tweeters, subtly incorporated into the music desk, imbue the direct sound of the organ pipes with flawless articulation and colour.

True-to-life pipe organ experience

The Vivaldi owes its exclusively authentic pipe organ sounds to the integrated Real Time Sampling system. The experience is enhanced by the Adaptive Ambiance System, a technology that perfectly replicates the true-to-life reverb from different positions in cathedrals. Musicians who like nothing more than to take a seat right on the organ bench will be captivated by the authentic sound of the rumbling organ pipes. Those who prefer to sit at the back of the church can replicate that experience by simply pressing a button. In the back row in the cathedral, the organ sound merges completely with the reverb, blurring the clear articulation of the tones. This technology is in turn closely integrated with LIVEreverb, giving the organist access to more than 12 true-to-life reverbs between which they can switch with the greatest of ease, transporting them from the lovely little St. Salviuskerk in Limbricht, the Netherlands to La Grand-Combe in the south of France.

Discover the Vivaldi series



The modern classic by Johannus

Anyone who pledges their eternal loyalty to the organ could do worse than choosing the Vivaldi 370. No organist would ever want to be parted from this three-manual instrument with 60 stops.

60 stops

12 unique reverbs

3 manuals

6.1 audio system

Viva ldi



The modern classic by Johannus

Taking a seat at the two-manual Vivaldi 270 with its 42 stops is all it takes to transform a crush into true love. This living room organ has so much to offer.

42 stops

12 unique reverbs

2 manuals

4.1 audio system

Viva ldi