Ecclesia D-470 for the First Presbyterian Church in Georgetown, TX.

Congratulations to First Presbyterian Church in Georgetown, Texas on their beautiful Johannus Ecclesia D-470, installed by Johannus Organs of Texas. 

The impressive Ecclesia series is Johannus at its very best. This digital church organ is affordably priced, it is powerful enough to accompany congregational singing, and it can be adapted to comply fully with your own individual needs. 

The Ecclesia is the dream come true of every church organist. The organ -- available in five different models -- offers a perfect solution for every church. 

Take the D-470 with its 13.3 audio system, for example. With three manuals, 65 voices and a special vox humana tremulant, this organ is highly suited to accompanying large congregations or choirs and it offers a wealth of options for variation.