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Musical contribution - April 2024

bladmuziek met potlood

Ye holy angels bright - Jorrit Woudt (Geb. 1980)

We also offer internationally known Hymns several times a year. This month, it’s a hymn by English preacher John Darwall. He wrote this melody in 1773 for the inauguration of a new organ in his home town. The hymn became well-known following its publication in ‘A Psalm to Praise’.

We asked Jorrit Woudt (who also produced the musical contribution in May 2011) to write an arrangement for this melody.

It’s best if Jorrit tells you about this himself:

This hymn with its incomparable melody appeals to me both in terms of content and musicality. The original text was written by Richard Baxter (1615-1691) and includes beautiful Bible references to the angels around God’s throne (Jes. 6/Opb. 15) and saints who have gone before us (Hebr. 11/Opb. 7); heavenly liturgy. Here on earth, both the congregation and individual believers are called to join that great choir, connecting heaven and earth. I’m a real lover of Anglican church music and the accompanying and unparalleled hymn melodies. In this prelude, the majesty of God’s throne resounds and angels (agile) accompany the church hymn on earth (low, tenor). 

Kind regards,