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Musical contribution - February 2017

bladmuziek met potlood

Rondeau (Jean-Joseph Mouret) (1682-1738)

Little is known about Mouret, and if his Rondeau had not become so well-known, we may never have heard of him at all. Born in Avignon (France), he left for Paris at age 20, serving as Kapellmeister at various locations and composing multiple works.

This Rondeau comes from the Suite de Symphonie, also known as the Suite de Fanfare. Although the original scoring was for solo trumpet and orchestra, it is perhaps performed even more often on trumpet and organ.

The first thirty-two bars present the same 8-bar phrase on the trumpet, followed by two 8-bar phrases on the great division. At bar 33, the trumpet can be closed and play continues on the first manual, creating space for the echo phrases in bars 37 and 42-43. The original registration can be re-established for the reprise.

Enjoy this sprightly rondeau from the French baroque!

Best regards,

André van Vliet