Sheet music

Musical contribution – January 2023

bladmuziek met potlood

Rust mijn ziel, uw God is Koning

Jan Albert van Eyken (1823-1868)

First of all, on behalf of the Global Organ Group management and staff, we would like to wish you a healthy and musical New Year. We hope to meet each other here again every month for the Musical Contribution.

We’re opening this year with a choral arrangement by organist Jan Albert Van Eyken, who was born 200 years ago. He was taught by his father and later attended the Conservatoire in Leipzig, where he also studied under Mendelssohn. After returning to the Netherlands in 1848, he became organist in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

This month’s song is often sung at New Year and describes a changing world in the face of a steadfast God. The text and melody were written over 200 years ago and are still much loved today.

For the accompaniment I’ve chosen a beautiful ‘flute 8 +4’ combination for the registration. You could also add tremulants. For the leading stop, a soft reed is fine. A principal 8’ would also work well, as long as it can be heard clearly. The chorale can be played louder or softer than the arrangement, depending on what is permitted by your organ’s stoplist.

Enjoy playing this stunning arrangement.


Musical Contribution January 2023