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Musical contribution - June 2014

bladmuziek met potlood

In Dir ist Freude / Geest van hierboven (Spirit from above) (André van Vliet) - The first line of the Dutch text results in this song regularly being sung during Whitsun. Ancient Italian sources already mention a dance song. The text in the 3rd, 6th, 11th and 16th line is as follows: fa, la, la etc.

There was already a Dutch text back in 1598. And we have been familiar with the “Spirit from above” text in Hymn 477 right from the publication of the Songbook for the Churches in the Netherlands.

The melody was written by the Italian Giovanni Gastoldi in 1591: one of his roles was Kapelmeister at the Cathedral in Milan.

Old manuscripts simply record F-Dur (1 flat). The organ version by J.S. Bach of “In Dir ist Freude” is in G-Dur (1 sharp). So I am completely unclear as to why Hymn 477 is in 2 flats in the Songbook for the Churches. As this arrangement is probably played most frequently as an introduction to Hymn 477 in the Netherlands, I have stuck with the indications provided in the Songbook for the Churches.

The introduction is intended more as an idea, rather than to play exactly what it says. Only the very first lines of the choral are addressed in the introduction. You could deal with the following lines in the exact same way. I would be most appreciative if you could share anything you decide to write down.

Hope you all have a good Whitsun.

With Kind Regards,