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Musical contribution - November 2012

bladmuziek met potlood

Allegro (Joseph-Hector Fiocco, 1703-1741) – This month you are receiving a composition which doesn’t use the pedal board. I can’t make any promises as to whether there will ever be anything without a manual. The composer is Belgian and was born in Brussels. He received musical training from, amongst other people, his father. The latter was a well known composer in Italy.

As well as being a composer, Joseph-Hector was also a gifted violinist, as well as a professor in Greek and Latin. He worked as a musician in Antwerp for some time, but still decided to return to his place of birth in 1737. He only reached the age of 38.

His most famous works include the suites for the harpsichord. The second section (our allegro) is mostly known amongst violinists. Arrangements for various different instruments were produced at a later stage. And so now for the keyboard too.

Most justice is done to this cheerful allegro with a light-footed registration. A flute 8’ and 2’ is always fine. Plus 8’ and 4’ are perfectly suitable too. Why not have a go at playing it on 2 keyboards. Perhaps the left hand with 8’ and 4’ and the right hand with 8’ and 2’ or 8’ and 1 1/3’. It goes without saying that once again there are many other possible combinations too.

I read somewhere that this is a piece frequently requested by couples planning a wedding. For all sorts of different instruments. Considering the sheer joy exuded by this allegro, this really doesn’t surprise me.

Kind Regards,