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Musical contribution - November 2013

bladmuziek met potlood

He shall feed His flock (G.F.Händel, 1685-1759) – We are approaching the advent period again. This is why we would like to offer you this aria from “The Messiah” by G.F.Händel. Händel wrote this grand oratorio in the incredibly short period of time of 24 days – from 22nd August to 14th September 1741. He worked tremendously hard and, as he later said, sometimes felt as if though he was watching over his own shoulder. The first performance took place in Dublin almost a year later. This oratorio was published in print after his death in 1759 and conquered the world.

This aria can be found in the second half of the first section. The so-called “pastoral” section. The starting point for the text is Isaiah 40: 11 and Matthew 11: 28 and 29. Where the text is about shepherds. The 12/8 beat indicates the tranquillity of a pastoral, the tranquillity one can find with “The Shepherd” when he is putting his sheep and lambs out to pasture, as well as gathering, carrying and leading them.

The strength of the original is the strings which accompany the soprano soloist. A concrete recommendation for a registration is therefore no easy task. You could opt for an accompaniment with a flute 8’ or 8’ + 4’. The pedal with 16’ + 8’. The solo voice could be absolutely anything: 8’ + 3’, a soft reed, a mild principal 8’ or a flute 8’ with a gamba 8’. As long as it exudes peace and tranquillity. As that is the most important thing about this section: finding peace with Him.

Kind Regards,
André van Vliet