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Musical contribution - October 2014

bladmuziek met potlood

“Van U zijn alle dingen” Trio (Everything belongs to You), Minne Veldman

This month everything is from Dutch origin: the melody, lyrics and arrangement. Haarlem is thereby providing an important contribution. This is because composer Bastiaans has been the town’s organist in the Grote or Sint-Bavokerk (church) in Haarlem for 20 years. Pastor and writer Jan de Liefde died in this town and arranger Minne Veldman will be organising an organ festival on the beautiful Müller organ at the beginning of 2015.

The soothing effect of the arrangement is beautifully accentuated in the trio. Three equal voices talking to one another. This is why I would highly recommend playing these three voices with a similar registration. Veldman already indicated his own preferences too. Variations could include: an 8’ on both keyboards and a Principal 8’ as the reed stop. Or two times 8’, 4’. I have opted for 8’, 4’ / 8’, 3’ myself. Two choral settings have been offered. When singing together, it’s always nice to have several harmonisations to hand.

A bundle which includes this beautiful trio will be released mid-October. I would like to refer you to for other publications and information about this organist from Urk.

With musical regards,

André van Vliet