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Musical contribution - September 2020

bladmuziek met potlood

Adagio (Moonlight Sonata)                                                      Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

(LiVE sample set: Utrecht, Bätz)

Naturally, we can’t and don’t want to do without Beethoven this year. The problem, however, is that he wrote almost nothing for the organ, and even that is still subject to discussion. The Adagio on offer is therefore an arrangement of a piano work, the first movement from his 14th piano sonata. It’s strange that this first part is an Adagio. That doesn’t alter its unprecedented beauty, however.

Beethoven didn’t give this piece the name of “Moonlight” himself; that came later from someone who spent a beautiful evening sitting in a boat under the full moon, and it brought this Adagio to mind. The work does owe its fame to having been given this name.

The registration details are noted and little needs to be changed while playing.


Warm regards,

André van Vliet