Monarke III

Reigning king of all the instruments

Johannus is more than happy to build a custom organ for churches, concert halls or theaters in accordance with their specific wishes. Monarke Church Organs can be designed and built to suit every wish and specification. The Monarke III gives you an impression of the possibilities of a three-manual Monarke organ.

The Monarke Church Organ shines in every space

When it comes to the console, the size, the colors, the layout, the controls, the sound, the stops, the audio system and the intonation, the Monarke Church Organ is designed entirely by the client. Whether it’s in a historical church or a modern concert hall, this instrument shines in every possible space. And with magnificent sound, as always.

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Comprehensive range of wood samples

The building of the Monarke is based on a long craft tradition and thorough expertise in woodworking. The Monarke organ builders work exclusively with the finest woods, such as light oak, robust dark Dutch oak, intensely glossy mahogany and fiery cherry. The custom organ is given a unique character by combining various wood types in the console, manuals and drawknobs.

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The Monarke sound continues to be perfected every day

Monarke has worked on the development of the custom electronic organ since 1980. The intention behind this is to offer an affordable alternative to the expensive pipe organ, with a comparable sound quality. Thanks to the digital and audio techniques developed in-house over the years, Monarke is now capable of reproducing the authentic pipe organ sound. The research & development department continues to initiate new projects aimed at further perfecting the sound quality for the Monarke organ.

The five pillars underpinning the world-famous Monarke sound

The unparalleled sound quality of the Monarke Church Organ is determined by five core elements.

Real Time Sampling®

Thanks to Real Time Sampling®, all of the different pipe organ sounds can be individually captured and reproduced. Monarke uses only these original sounds, and no processed computer simulations.

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Multi Sampling®

Every key of the Monarke organ has its own characteristic chiff and tone thanks to Multi Sampling®. The result is an extremely realistic reproduction of the original pipe organ sound.

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Long Loop Samples®

Long Loop Samples® play sounds of many seconds in length, including the organ pipe wind noise and natural fluctuations in volume and sound. This gives the Monarke organ a lively and true-to-life sound.

Multi Channel Audio System®

The advanced Multi Channel Audio System® is essential for the sound of a Monarke organ. The numerous channels and speakers ensure an accurate reproduction of the pipe organ sounds.

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DS Core®

​​​​The highly innovative DS Core technology developed in house makes the Monarke a reliable organ that always starts up and can be played right away.

The dream becomes reality

Once all of the components of the Monarke Church Organ are ready, they come together in the assembly department. And that’s where the magic happens – where the client’s dream church organ becomes a reality. The console, the keys, the drawknobs, the pedals, the organ pipes, advanced electronics: everything is assembled with the greatest of care.

Each custom organ is tailored to suit its new environment

Once the Monarke organ has been completely assembled, the tuning specialist adjusts each stop according to the desired tone. This is done first in the factory and then once again on site, so that the organ is tuned to suit the acoustics of its surroundings. The playing preferences of organists or other people involved with the order are taken into account. If the client is a church, the character of the congregation is also an important consideration. This enables the voicer to always arrive at the correct intonation for every space.

The Monarke Church Organ is carefully installed around the world

There are Monarke organs all over the world, in churches, cathedrals, auditoria, concert halls, conservatories and even in living rooms, from Novosibirsk in Russia to Havana in Cuba, and from the United States to Ghana. To ensure that the custom organ arrives at all these destinations in perfect condition, each Monarke is meticulously packed. A Monarke employee can be present during transport and installation if desired, to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly.

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