New installations

A beautiful installation: Monarke Beuningen

een kleiner kerkorgel met twee lagen toetsen in een kerk in Beuningen

A Monarke Sonate with 25 voices and 30 ranks was installed in the Cornelius Parish in Beuningen in August of this year.

The parish already had an authentic, fully pneumatic pipe organ at its disposal, but was looking for a solution for accompanying the various different choirs. They opted for an organ with a romantic sound, which would perfectly suit the parish’s signature.

The console is positioned on a movable platform near the altar, which is also where the choral singing takes place. The organ also includes a digital piano, which has resulted in the instrument having multiple uses.

The organ boasts a double 12.1 loudspeaker system. The first system is used for accompanying the choir and has been installed behind the altar.

The second system is used for accompanying the part-song and can be found on the organ gallery.

A beautiful installation in a beautiful church.