New installations

A beautiful installation: St. Thomas Episcopal Church

Welcome to St. Thomas Episcopal Church Denver Colorado, home of the newest Johannus "Hybrid" combination digital and pipe instrument.

The heart of the instrument is a new Rembrandt-497 4-manual console with custom finish to match the beautiful aesthetics of the sanctuary. By using a standard Rembrandt-497 console and adding a few additional drawknobs, we were able to cost-effectively customize the Rembrandt to the new instrument specifications. This also made available a complete stop list of digital pipe samples that enabled the addition of a Choir and Solo division along with several missing stops needed to complete the pipe ranks in the Pedal, Great, and Swell division.

There are 37 speaking ranks of pipes including a spectacular Bombarde that is the "crowning" reed stop for the organ. Pipe and new chest work was skillfully handled by Chris Harris of Harris Organ Works. Pipe tonal finishing was by Dan Abrahamson of Reuter (retired). The final voicing of the Johannus digital pipe samples was done by Dan Bashor of Church Organ Works LLC, using the Johannus Intonat voicing software.

Because the Johannus software is so flexible, it was very easy to combine/blend the digital pipe samples to match or compliment the speaking pipe work. The pipe work is of a more "Romantic" flavor. So the Johannus "Romantic" sample palette was used exclusively to enhance the speaking pipe ranks. The Rembrandt-497 also has Baroque and Symphonic tonal pallets that the organist may select by pressing a button when the organ literature requires. In this case, the instrument is used with only the digital pipe samples giving the organist three distinct and complete instruments.