New installations

An exemplary installation: Monarke Noordwijkerhout

The St. Jozefkerk (church) in Noordwijkerhout has recently had a beautiful Monarke Präludium installed for accompanying the parishioners and the various choirs.

The Monarke Präludium, with pipework facade, has been designed together with a number of specialists from the church and was subsequently custom made. The console has lighted drawknobs and is equipped with decorative panels.

The console is mobile, ensuring it can be used in various different set ups. The organ has 51 voices, 70 ranks and a 24.2 channel audio system. A number of orchestral voices like a horn, trumpet and even a carillon have been added to complement the extensive disposition.

The custom made facade is equipped with tin pipework with gold-plated labia and is a true asset for the church’s interior. The ellipse shape in the style of the altar makes a return in the facade.