Innovation and Excellence

To make the pipe organ accessible to everyone, we work every day on improving and refining our technology. Thanks to this constant innovation, the classical pipe organ and the advanced digital organ converge more closely than ever before in the new LiVE AGO.

For fifty years we’ve been saying that the greatest pipe organs in the world should be accessible to everyone. With the LiVE AGO, an innovative three-manual digital organ with a high-end 8.1 audio system, Johannus once more delivers convincingly on this promise. 

The world at your feet

The LiVE AGO comes with USB sample sets containing dozens of complete, high-quality recordings of pipe organs from all over the world, recorded by Johannus itself. When you activate the organ of your choice, the standard stoplist (50 stops including display) takes on the stoplist of your chosen organ. The display on each stop makes the organ completely dynamic, so you can sit at your LiVE AGO and switch effortlessly back and forth between famous pipe organs with the wave of a hand. The organ has enough capacity to store five complete organs. 


Customize your organ

Not only can you choose from a range of different pipe organs, there are also four unique playing positions, giving your individual organ an extra four dimensions. Select the position from which you’ll play your instrument: on the organ bench, close to the front of the organ, in the middle of the church, and at the back of the church. The sound reproduction of the Johannus LiVE AGO has been substantially optimized using Johannus Digital Room Correction (JDRC). Specially developed software ensures that the sound can be precisely adjusted to suit the room in which your organ is located. 


Our mission: to innovate the organ world

As one of the world’s largest organ builders, we work daily on our mission to innovate the organ world. In the LiVE AGO, that ambition comes to life.

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