New installations

Installation of the month: Ecclesia Poland

Our Johannus importer in Poland installed a beautiful Ecclesia organ with a custom made pipe front in the newly built par.św.Jozefa Wójcika Sebasttiana Pelczara church in RZESZÓW, Poland at the start of 2011.

The installed Ecclesia is a 3 manual organ with lighted draw knobs. The organ has a 10.1 audio system with external loudspeakers. These external loudspeakers are set up behind a beautiful, custom made, pipe front. A great deal of thought has gone into the composition of the set of loudspeaker boxes.

A high quality subwoofer has been used for the low tones, which can reproduce the deepest bass tones. The medium and high range is reproduced by the multitude of speakers.

This combination has resulted in the biggest possible range of the pipe organ sound in the church, which already has very good acoustics. The Ecclesia includes four sample banks with unique stops. In addition to Romantic, Symphonic and Baroque, the Ecclesia also includes a fourth sample bank with Historic recordings. One of Johannus’ tuners has worked on the post intonation in the church.