Product introductions

Introducing the new Monarke series

Johannus rounds out the Monarke series with the introduction of the new Monarke IV and V.

Together with the Monarke III, these beautiful organs enhance the Monarke line, consisting of the very best digital replicas of the historic pipe organ currently available anywhere in the world. Designed and built just for you.

Decades of craftsmanship

Centuries of European organ tradition, decades of craftsmanship and years of research and development converge in the Monarke line. Entirely custom-built, these organs from Johannus are earning the notice of organists the world over, and with good reason. Although there’s no actual wind flowing through pipes, Monarke truly sounds like an authentic pipe organ. The result is so true to reality that even a connoisseur won’t hear the difference.

Phenomenal sound

That phenomenal sound comes from years of innovation by the research and development teams at Johannus. All the sounds of the pipe organ have been faithfully recorded and digitally recreated note by note. Every key of the Monarke has its own characteristic speech and tone, carried on the sound of wind rushing through the pipe. The natural fluctuations of the wind can be heard and sensed. And then there’s the carrying capacity. Thanks to an innovative audio system custom-designed for each space, the organ sounds are distributed through multiple channels and speakers, ensuring that the Monarke fills the room with the same impressive fullness of a pipe organ.

Fully custom-built

That’s not all, though. There’s another big secret behind Monarke’s worldwide success. Each Monarke is a fully custom-built organ. The owner decides on the console, the size of the organ, the finishes, the layout, the type of controls, the keyboards, the disposition, the audio system and the voicing. Knowing that a team of experts has composed the new Monarke series with great care, tailored to the needs of almost every organist. Since the birth of the Monarke in 1980, thousands of them have been installed in over 100 countries. They stand in churches, cathedrals, concert halls, conservatories and living rooms all over the world, regularly accompanying choirs and orchestras, and amazing listeners. And now Monarke can be yours.