Johannus expands its LiVE family with the addition of a Willis organ

Een grote kerk met blauw filter erover

The Johannus LiVE family has just welcomed its newest addition, the Willis organ from Mossley Hill Church in Liverpool.


The Johannus LiVE is a digital stereo organ that comes with sample sets that allow organists to play on dozens of international pipe organs. Each sample set comprises pure, clear recordings taken from a complete organ. When Johannus LiVE was launched in 2015, sample sets were already available from the Cavaillé Coll organ in the Église Notre-Dame d’Auteuil in Paris, the Silbermann organ in the Katholische Hofkirche in Dresden, and the Bätz organ in Utrecht’s Domkerk. Later additions include the Schnitger organ in the Ludgeri Kirche in Norden and the Maarschalkerweerd organ in the Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek in Zwolle.


The organ belonging to the Church of St Matthew and St James in Liverpool, Mossley Hill Church for short, is considered by many to be a world-class instrument.

In England itself, the organ is also seen as the cream of the musical crop. Two qualities in particular are responsible for that fame. One: the organ is eminently suitable for liturgical and recitative purposes. Two: the organ offers infinite inspiration for choral and congregational singing.

The credit for these qualities must go to the British organ company, Henry Willis & Sons, which made a name for itself in an extraordinary way during the Industrial Revolution. As it happened, during that era British cities were building themselves imposing town halls, which required equally imposing instruments. These were preferably to be manufactured by ‘Father Willis’, as he was known thanks to his extensive knowledge. There was no holding back the industrialists: they were all at the front of the line when it came to donating a luxurious hall or even an entire organ. It was this fierce competition that facilitated the meteoric rise of ‘Father Willis’, not only in Liverpool, but all around the world.


Thanks to Johannus LiVE, you can now play the Willis organ from the Mossley Hill Church in Liverpool in the comfort of your own home. This new sample set is now available for order from your Johannus dealer.