Johannus: making organs accessible to all for half a century

We are proud to announce that Johannus is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The anniversary year 2018 is an occasion for us to celebrate our history and tradition together with you, and to thank you for the trust you have placed in us over the decades.

Since its inception, Johannus has been driven by its mission to make organs and organ music accessible to everyone with a love and passion for this beautiful instrument. Having dedicated our experience and craftsmanship to this mission for the past 50 years, we have established ourselves as one of the premier organ builders worldwide, and would like to invite you to join us in our anniversary celebrations this year.

Highest Quality

Johannus has been committed from the outset to creating solid, high-quality products, based on our awareness that only the finest quality is good enough for you. This has prompted us to invest on an ongoing basis in innovation and the development of new technologies, which has resulted in the creation of numerous magnificent organs over the past five decades. One of these organs is the iconic Opus, which became a fixture in countless homes and continues to evoke vivid musical memories for so many who have experienced its sound. The exquisitely designed Sweelinck and the masterfully styled Rembrandt helped cement our international reputation. We recently also launched LiVE, a veritable technological revolution which brought existing pipe organs from all over the world within reach of people’s homes.


The inimitable trademark Johannus sound reveals the results of our ongoing innovation, and even connoisseurs cannot tell our sound from authentic pipe organ music. Our developers look for new and better ways all the time of perfecting the original pipe organ sound in our digital organs, so we can continue helping you create the highest-quality music.


We have been using our experience and craftsmanship to serve you for the past 50 years, driven by our mission of bringing organs and organ music within reach of everyone, aficionados and professional organists alike. This has helped us to establish ourselves as a world-class organ builder worldwide. Tens of thousands of the organs we manufactured have found their way to churches, cathedrals, concert halls and living rooms across more than 100 countries.


While Johannus initially focused mainly on Europe, we have witnessed a growth in our Asian, American and African markets for years. In those territories where Christianity is growing, demand for our instruments - which are used as choir accompaniments - has increased accordingly. Johannus has gone out of its way to meet the requirements of Christian communities worldwide, so that people around the world can continue to enjoy the sound of church hymns.


Even as our company continued to expand internationally, we managed to retain our identity as a family business. At our Ede site, we employ a team of passionate designers, musicians, technicians and organ builders, who work together on realizing their - and our - dream: replicating the sound of the traditional pipe organ and allowing as many people as possible to experience and enjoy this sound. They share your love of the traditional organ and Europe’s ancient musical tradition, which inspires us every day again and compels us to keep pursuing the highest standards. We would like to continue building this tradition together with you, so that future generations can continue to play and cherish the organ.


Johannus has big plans for this musical anniversary year and would like you to join us in the celebrations. For one, we will be hosting a series of anniversary concerts this summer, and will also be unveiling our anniversary organ to you in the near future. But that’s not nearly all we’ve got planned for this memorable year, so be sure to regularly check our website for news and follow us on our social-media channels!!