Johannus Organ used at UFS for Oprah Winfrey

Johannus Organ used at UFS for Oprah Winfrey - Honorary Doctorate Ceremony on Friday 24 June 2011.

Bloemfontein - Oprah Winfrey shed tears as she was honoured by the Chancellor of the University of the Free State with her doctorate in education. A representative for O Magazine SA who is at the ceremony: "Triumphant organ tune as Oprah stands with her degree. She's crying. Audience is ululating madly. What a moment!"

After Winfrey was honoured, the Callie Human Hall at the UFS campus broke into song with the national anthem, and Winfrey sang along. "aaaaah. Oprah sung along to Nkosi Sikelel''. Though she got stuck on the Afrikaans and Sotho parts!" wrote O Magazine on. Oprah Winfrey arrived at the campus on Friday to receive her honorary doctorate in education.