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Johannus owners contribution

Often we receive recordings from satisfied Johannus customers that we would like to share with you. This is what Mr Youngblood from Liberty, TX wrote us:

I thought you may be interested in learning how I use my Johannus Organ Opus 37 SE. The attached sound file is a good example.

First, I heard the melody of this arrangement of the hymn Softly & Tenderly on a YouTube video. Second, I transcribed an organ arrangement based on what I'd heard in the video. Third, I found a good local soprano, Melanie Verner to sing it. Fourth, then we recorded it using Garage Band on an iMac. I really do like the result and hope you do as well. Here's the link to follow...

Many thanks.

Allen Youngblood 

If the sound file does not play in your browser, then download the link to file and load it in iTunes or in Windows Media Player.