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Meet the new Johannus Opus 277 and 377

Man in het blauw die achter huiskamerorgel zit met 3 lagen toetsen voor bladmuziek

We proudly introduce you to the new Johannus Opus 277 and 377. Two beautiful organs that meet the wishes and demands of today’s organist.

The Opus Series were the first home organ series by Johannus. With its history dating back to the early 1970s, generations of organists have grown up with an organ from this beautiful series. In order to become, and remain a leader in the market for such a long time, continuous innovation and improvement are essential. And we commit to that!

By using the latest technologies, the sound of this new Opus series comes yet closer to that of the authentic pipe organ. Next to that, our newly developed bellows simulator ensures that the Opus breathes, and comes alive!

The two-manual Opus 277 provides you with a stoplist of 36 stops, while the stoplist of the three-manual Opus 377 features 42 stops. Both organs come with two additional orchestral voices as standard: a Trumpet and a Pan Flute.

Interested in finding out what the new Opus has to offer? Take a look at the product page, request a brochure, or reach out to your local Johannus dealer.