New installations

New organ for the First Presbyterian Church in Georgetown

A team of Johannus specialists recently installed an impressive Ecclesia D-470 church organ in the First Presbyterian Church in Georgetown. The Ecclesia treats the organist to the ultimate church-organ experience. With three manuals, 65 voices and – just like the D-570 – a special vox humana tremulant, this organ is highly suited to accompanying large congregations or choirs and it offers a wealth of options for variation.

Reliable and solid

Johannus operates all over the world, and we have been active in the United States for many years. We know the American market through and through. As a result, the Ecclesia is an American organ in heart and soul. However, the expert craftsmanship down to the very finest of details ensures that it retains a European twist.

We are a solid organization, and it’s no fluke that we’re one of the fastest growing organ makers in the world. With over forty years’ experience, we have proven our reliability, and our financial basis is extremely sound. In order to guarantee to you that the Ecclesia is of the very highest quality, we offer you a ten-year limited warranty.

Contact your dealer to find out about the Johannus Ecclesia: the church organ that doesn’t compromise.