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New Rembrandt 397 for the Tainan East Gate Barclay Memorial Church in Taiwan

Tainan East Gate Barclay Memorial Church recently bought a Rembrandt 397 church organ for their beautiful building. Originally the East Gate Presbyterian Church, this location has hosted sermons as far back as 1903. The current building dates from 1926 and retains its original style. It is a rather small, basilica-style brick chapel with a round front porch.

The text along the porch of the church is written in Pe̍h-ōe-jī script. In 2003, the church was renamed the Tainan East Gate Barclay Memorial Church to commemorate the mission work of Thomas Barclay. Barclay and his wife helped to develop this church. Later, pastoral duties were taken over by the seminary’s first Taiwanese president, Rev. Dr. Shoki Coe. Years on, it is still an active Presbyterian church with regular services.

The Presbyterian Church of Taiwan is the largest Christian denomination in Taiwan and has had a long and involved history with the culture and politics of the island. There are many other Presbyterian churches in Tainan. Some of the other historic ones are the Kan-Hsi Street Church, and the Maxwell Memorial Church.

Location: No. 187 Dongmen Road (東門路), Section 1, East District, Tainan City

Source: Tainan City Guide.

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