Out now: the Johannus LiVE 2T-A & 3T-A!

Johannus is proud to introduce two new and innovative digital home organs: the Johannus LiVE 2T-A & 3T-A. The new organs were officially introduced during a packed dealer meeting at the North American headquarters of the Global Organ Group.* Over 60 North American dealers welcomed the two new organs with great enthusiasm.

Play the world’s most iconic pipe organs

The new Johannus LiVE 2T-A and 3T-A bridge the gap between dream and reality. From now on, you can experience playing the world’s most magnificent pipe organs whenever you want to. Right in your very own living room.

In your Johannus LiVE 2T-A or 3T-A, you can store up to five different sample sets – meaning five different pipe organs – at the same time. Switching between these sample sets is quick and easy. With the wave of a hand you fly to Greeley, Colorado, and take a seat at the Casavant Frères organ of the Trinity Episcopal Church. Another touch of the button brings you to the Willis & Sons organ of the Mossley Hill Church in Manchester, England. Or to one of the many other historical pipe organs we’ve recorded for you.

Dynamic stops

Although the stoplists of the Johannus LiVE 2T-A and 3T-A are physically static, they’re dynamic in their use. Behind the stoplists, dynamic stops are concealed. These stops change according to the pipe organ you’ve selected, and are always closely related to the stop indicated on the tab. For example: the Principal 8’ stop tab can represent both the Montre 8’ of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Greeley, Colorado, USA, and the Open Diapason 8’ of the Hill & Sons organ from the Holy Name Church in Manchester, England. When a stop tab is tapped, the display shows the original name of the stop on your selected pipe organ.

Infinite possibilities

The Johannus LiVE 2T-A and 3T-A are a result of more than fifty years of innovation and improving and perfecting our technology. During this time, we’ve built up a big lead in the world of digital home organs. Our LiVE-concept added a whole new dimension to this. The LiVE 2T-A and 3T-A are the latest additions to the LiVE-family, which combines the impressive experience of playing a classical pipe organ and the infinite possibilities of a digital organ.

A quick glimpse at the LiVE 2T-A and 2T-A:




For more information on the new LiVE 2T-A and 3T-A, contact your local Global Organ Group dealer or visit our product page.

*The Global Organ Group consists of four unique and historic organ builders (Copeman Hart, Johannus, Makin, & Rodgers). Together, the account for over 100,000 installations worldwide and over 200 years of experiences in fine organ building and innovation. As of April 2019, each North American dealers represents all four brands.