New installations

American Classic 770 for the Shengai Christian Church in Jinhua, China.

When their new church building was still full of scaffolding, ShengAi Church in Jinhua already chose the 3-manual 99-stop American Classic 770 with double power.

After a lot of hard work, the church was finally ready to receive their church organ together with a practice organ.

Last week, our Johannus team installed and voiced the imposing American Classic 770 church organ in the beautiful 5000-seat church. Johannus has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our friends in Jinhua over the past two years. 

The American Classic 770 is one of the crown jewels in the Johannus family. The organ has 3 manuals, 99 stops, 104 ranks, 7 divisions, 48 external loudspeaker boxes and 8 subwoofers.