The Ecclesia offers a solution for every church

The Ecclesia has been specifically designed to fill the corners of every church with powerful, high-quality sound. Thanks to these characteristics, the Ecclesia has become a favorite for churches and concert halls around the world.

The Ecclesia offers a solution for every church. It is available in five different models, starting out with the two-manual T-170 and adding extensive extra options to culminate in the four-manual D-570, with eighty stops. The Ecclesia is an outstanding organ for the smallest church hall to the largest cathedral. The organist has all the tools necessary to take congregational singing to a higher level.

Saturated with musical tradition

One of the striking features of the Ecclesia is its magnificent sound, saturated with a musical tradition spanning the entire spectrum from Baroque, Romantic, and Symphonic styles to classical organ literature. Johannus believes in the authenticity of each individual tone produced by the pipe organ, which is why we record the sounds tone by tone, to maintain that authentic pipe organ sound.

Balanced audio system delivers a powerful sound

The organ is based on a state-of-the-art audio system and features multiple amplifiers, subwoofers and loudspeakers. The D-570, for example, is equipped with an 18.3 audio system, which channels the authentic pipe organ sound superbly. This powerful sound – a feature of all five Ecclesia organs – makes the organ the ultimate instrument for accompanying both choral and congregational singing. 

The church organ that doesn’t compromise

The Ecclesia organ is so attractive because it can be adapted to suit individual needs. For example, solo stops can be added, alternative side panels can be chosen, and wood finish colors can be selected.  The only way Ecclesia compromises is by combining the ultimate quality of Johannus with the wish to create the organ that best suits the needs of the church. In all other respects, the Ecclesia is the church organ that doesn’t compromise.