Johannus One - Firmware version 2.00 is now available!

How to update to the latest version

To update the Johannus ONE proceed as follows:


Download the firmware to an USB Memory:

Download the latest version from the button below.

Create a temporary folder on your PC.

Unzip the new version in the temporary folder you just created. – Locate the three update files in the temporary folder: updater.bin, signature.bin and core-image-dexibell-**.bin

Insert an empty USB Memory in your PC.

Copy the three files into the root of the USB Memory.

Safely disconnect the USB Memory.


Update the firmware:

If the instrument is switched on, please switch it off before updating the firmware.

Insert the USB Memory in the USB socket of your instrument.

Switch on the instrument; the update process will start automatically. The Crescendo led bar will show the progress. When all the indicators are lit, switch off the instrument, take out the USB memory stick and switch on the instrument again.


Please press and hold the [FUNCTION/EXIT] button and then the "0" piston. In the resulting lit tilt tabs, read the small numbers in the lower corner and you will have the version number. For instance, if "Bourdon 8" (40) and "Mixture" (7) are lit, you have the Ver. 4.07. *


We recommend to use a good quality USB memory, since the update process is a heavy process, and it doesn't start if a slow USB memory is detected.

Download firmware

Enter the order number and download the latest firmware.

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